Independent artist and emerging talent, august at night, shares lead single “Moon Sign”, the title track of his debut EP.

august at night is an independent artist crafting a lo-fi R&B sound. Back with a brand-new release, “Moon Sign” is the lead single and title track of his newly released project. Consisting of three intimate singles, ‘Moon Sign’ sees the US artist tease fans with a glimpse of his work through a debut EP.


Having started his music career last year with nonchalant single “Realer”, before taking a short hiatus, this year has seen the artist share two singles, including alt-pop “Some Nights” and most recently, “Skinny Dipping”. Now back with a brand-new track and a debut EP, it’s fair to say august is steadily putting his name out there.


With a fourth track titled “Too Good” scheduled as an upcoming bonus track, the last few days have also seen the artist share snippets of video footage for each single on the EP. Despite already being out, august is pulling out all the stops for this project. Speaking about ‘Moon Sign’ august says: “This is an audiovisual project, with lots more video content (and a short film) coming over the next few weeks”.

Stream “Moon Sign” below:

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