The otherworldly enchanter, MALTHUS, continues on his trajectory into a universe unknown with his double-sided release 'Are You Burning?'.

We first encountered MALTHUS at the end of the decade with his cinematic and harrowing track ‘Sew Me To You’ which instantly captivated us like sirens calling from the sea.


Diving headfirst into 2020 with not one but two stunning and evolving tracks that cement MALTHUS’ craftsmanship when it comes to transporting the listener into another realm. ‘Are You Burning?’ and ‘The Body’, featuring violin from the violinist, choreographer and Salder’s Wells Young Associate Artist Magnus Westwell, grab you by the hand and hollow you out through the ominous kaleidoscope of sounds that MALTHUS creates himself from scratch.


‘Are You Burning?’ is a slow burner as it gradually weavers and fills you up in a crescendo of eclectic electronica which is a soft departure from the hauntingly slow ‘Sew Me To You’. Whereas on ‘The Body’ you can feel the weight of each word MALTHUS croons and belts revealing his idiosyncratic vocal ability. Tackling the themes of beginnings and endings, destruction and creation, MALTHUS’ ability to conjure up heavenly and deathly tales of sorrow, loss and rebirth from his own experiences makes listening to his tracks feel ethereal.


Dive into the world of MALTHUS below as we premiere his intoxicating double-sided release below.


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Hailing from the outskirts of Liverpool, singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Malthus, shot for Notion 87, creates alternative soul, that sounds like Choirs of demon cherubs, cataclysmic blues and atonal orchestral pieces.

Sew Us To Malthus

The universe that Malthus is crafting is at the intersection of where light battles dark, where Lynchian merges with the Royals and where good turns into sheer excellency.

MALTHUS: The Intimate Enchanter

Bathing in red moonlight, MALTHUS the singer who appears to be haunted by something out of the corner of his eye that only he can see, glimmered in darkness at his debut London show.