Bathing in red moonlight, MALTHUS the singer who appears to be haunted by something out of the corner of his eye that only he can see, glimmered in darkness at his debut London show.

A stage laid bare, in what appeared to be the final act of Luca Guadagnino’s remake of the cult-classic Suspiria, except for a single red light became the home for MALTHUS’ sold-out London performance.


MALTHUS, the enigmatic composer, producer and enchanter, has been hiding in the shadows over the years silently perfecting his craft of creating songs that appear to not be from the heart but instead ripped from the heart. With his idiosyncratic and ominous vocals that lure you into the depths through his husky and low dictation that sometimes takes the form of an almost-weep, leaves you instantly hooked. However, there are always fragments of light trying to get through in the tracks off of MALTHUS’ upcoming EP.


Speaking on the performance, MALTHUS revealed “There is something deeply voyeuristic about being alone under an intense red light, sometimes close to tears, being observed by a silent crowd. I think I like it.” It’s clear that MALTHUS uses the stage he occupies as a cathartic release of all the pain, glory and genius wrapped up tightly within him, and leaves the hurt there.


Blurring the lines between art, music and heartbreak is an indication of what MALTHUS is about it. With stunning movement performances directed by Magnus Westwell at the Project Syntrex event, we can’t wait to see MALTHUS spill his magic on stage again very soon.


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Hailing from the outskirts of Liverpool, singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Malthus, shot for Notion 87, creates alternative soul, that sounds like Choirs of demon cherubs, cataclysmic blues and atonal orchestral pieces.

“Are You Burning” by MALTHUS

The otherworldly enchanter, MALTHUS, continues on his trajectory into a universe unknown with his double-sided release 'Are You Burning?'.

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The universe that Malthus is crafting is at the intersection of where light battles dark, where Lynchian merges with the Royals and where good turns into sheer excellency.