J.I The Prince of NY Is On His Way To Becoming A King

J.I is on the rise; the flourishing talent has a fearless energy on his side; the best is yet to come from the Prince.

Channel Tres Is Turning Up the Volume

Channel Tres's experimental and high tempo sounds are guaranteed to get you off your seat. We spoke about everything from remixing old school to feeling like an icon.

Meet Alex Gough

Newcomer Alex Gough takes you on a smooth car journey; drawing you in with catchy beats, jazzy rhythms and cleverly thought-out wordplay.


South London's INFAMOUSIZAK is pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a rapper; ranging from a variety of slick beats whilst delivering a stylistic flow.

Kean Kavanagh is a Dog Person

Kean Kavanagh invites both rebellion and the exploration of emotional turmoil with his heartfelt lyrics and a trouble-making alter-ego, Dog Person.