‘Eyg’ by viibra

Björk approved Icelandic flute septet viibra release their new single, ‘Eyg’, a mesmerising ode to the ensemble's sisterhood.

Beyond The Bassline Celebrates Centuries of Black British Music

The first of its kind, The British Library's new exhibition explores the 500 year history and everlasting legacy of Black British Music.

‘God Size’ by Grizzly Feeder

Multi-talented artist Grizzly Feeder's new single, ‘God Size’, is bulging with left-field sounds and powerfully seductive lyricism.

‘BLUE’ by Jeannel

Unveiling the stirring new single ‘BLUE’, jazz-educated singer-songwriter Jeannel weaves together her myriad of musical talents to capture love’s complexity.

ReSee Auction Honours Celeb Style and Female Empowerment

Celebrating its 10th year, preloved high fashion retailer RESEE is auctioning clothes donated by iconic female celebrities to raise funds for the Women For Women International charity.

‘SLF WRTH’ by X Revolution

Set to launch the burgeoning artist into the limelight, X Revolution’s collaborative new single ‘SLF WRTH’ brings 90s hip-hop into a new era.

‘Too Humble’ by Cousin Vinny

Returning to make waves in 2024, Chicago producer and rapper Cousin Vinny completes his heartfelt hip-hop trilogy with ‘Too Humble’.

Selected by Faye Meana

Dropping her new nostalgic single 'On & On' today, London songwriter and producer Faye Meana selects 10 of her favourite 80s-synth inspired tracks.

‘Before My Eyes’ by Dom Quincey

With his first release of 2024, ‘Before My Eyes’, London artist Dom Quincey is opening up and showcasing his multifaceted talent.