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Musician MORGAN goes Behind the Base to discuss her career so far and empowering her listeners, and gives a live performance of her song "You're Worth It".

The tenth artist to be welcomed into the PizzaExpress kitchen is MORGAN, a singer, songwriter, musician and performer.


Whilst they prepped their based, MORGAN and Pizzaioalo Mike chatted about the singer’s longstanding drive. Never focusing on a Plan B, MORGAN believes that, “if you put enough work in and put yourself out there enough, you will be seen…I tell everyone around me to have the same mindset as well”.


It sure seems like MORGAN’s approach has been working, as she has racked up tens of millions of streams on her releases to date. After tossing their pizzas, MORGAN looks back on her younger years, getting signed to Rudimental’s record label when she was just 18 and was taken on their world tour as a vocalist. Surprisingly, MORGAN revealed she suffered from stage fright – “I put pressure on myself to be amazing ’cause it’s my main focus…I had no stage presence…When they pushed me into the deep end, it was like exposure therapy”, she tells Mike.

Making a ‘Hoisin Duck’ pizza, MORGAN chats about her YouTube show, Toast To Our Differences, and what she’s learned from hosting it.


After adding their toppings, MORGAN opens up about her musical process. “I write music with feeling…I don’t really write about my own experiences, I like to make things up and go off that”, she says, telling Mike that, “lyrics-wise, I’m always trying to empower”.



MORGAN’s empowering message also extends to her visuals, as she discusses the importance of representation and why she recruited a wide variety of people for her “You’re Worth It” music video. “I want people to watch that video and feel like they’re accepted and feel included”, she said.


After dishing up her delicious pizza, MORGAN then performs an acoustic rendition of “You’re Worth It”, her incredible vocals taking the spotlight.

Watch the full episode below:

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