Press play on your new indie-pop party anthem, 'Booze Hound', courtesy of rising German artist Darlin.

Taking on the music landscape last month is Darlin, the Berlin-based indie prodigy making waves with her latest single, ‘Booze Hound’. A scintillating addition to her debut EP, Burnt Cake, the track takes us on an electrifying journey through the highs and lows of post-breakup revelry.


‘Booze Hound’, the EP’s second track, is a melodic musing characterised by funky bass lines, punchy guitars, and a catchy chorus. Darlin’s indie-infused vocals strive to vividly vocalise the essence of the jaded party scene with lines like, “In the heart of the night we’re shining brighter than champagne in the flashlight”.


The artist’s musical journey, deeply rooted in the vibrant Berliner scene, is a testament to her diverse influences. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Remi Wolf, Olivia Rodrigo, UPSAHL, and Benee, she has fused pop and indie elements with a slight nostalgia for the indie of yesteryear.


Conceptualising and penning the track herself, ‘Booze Hound’ serves as the ultimate manifestation of Darlin’s artistic philosophy. The emerging sensation recorded all vocals in the comfort of her own bedroom, while her guitarist, Tim Welt, and producer, Fabrice Richter-Reichhelm, worked their magic on the instrumentals at Studi-yo Berlin, with mixing and mastering handled by the talented Till Kaefert.


Darlin took charge of every aspect of the single’s creation, from designing the cover art to scripting, directing, and overseeing post-production for the music video. When asked about ‘Booze Hound’, she shared, “I created it with the intention to briefly escape from any bad feelings and just pretend that everything is okay, maybe even believe it for a while.” The track – which is her personal favourite from the EP – is an anthem that captures the exhilaration of the party just before it all comes crashing down.


With ‘Booze Hound’ on the horizon, Darlin is poised to make a mark in the indie pop landscape, inviting listeners to immerse themselves into the jaded bliss of the ultimate indie pop party anthem of the year.


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