Pop princess singer-songwriter, Anja Kotar, enraptures hearts with ‘Missing You’, a track about being away from the person you love most.

It’s difficult to imagine an artist who is better suited to creating enchanting soundtracks for those who seek to romanticise life than Anja Kota. The singer-songwriter, producer and classically trained pianist has steadily evolved her signature sound of sunshine-y pop that marries relatable lyrics with ageless melodies. As she prepares to unveil her highly anticipated album, ‘Hopeless Romantic’, the pop protean provides a taste of what’s yet to come with her new single ‘Missing You’, and it doesn’t disappoint.


Amassing over 10 million streams across various platforms, Kotar’s nostalgic and shimmering pop discography is simply irresistible to the ear. Several tracks in her forthcoming album have been featured by thousands of YouTubers across the globe, as well as many songs finding their place on esteemed Spotify playlists, from Fresh Finds to New Pop Picks and Next Gen Singer-Songwriters. Through meticulous craftsmanship, she has forged her distinctive blend of infectious pop melodies and fervent storytelling, leaving everyone craving for more.


Her latest single ‘Missing You’ is a true ode to her prowess as a songwriter, journeying through powerful emotive composition. Opening with a sweet high-pitched melody on the keys, Kotar’s thoughtfully composed lyricism swiftly graces the track, guiding it through a heartfelt narrative sung with distinct tenderness and delicacy. She draws inspiration from her close-knit relationship with her brother, capturing the essence of how “the world looks different when you’re not experiencing it with someone close to your heart.”


As part of her album promotion, which is set to be released on November 10th, Kotar is partnering with global music community, Sofar Sounds, for a series of acoustic shows across Northern California. So, grab your tickets, sit back, and let the pop prodigy fuel your main character energy.


On TikTok, Kotar said about the track, “It’s a little sparkle, a little nostalgia, a little Disney and it just came out today.”

Listen to 'Missing You' now:

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