Simon & Schuster have won the rights to a tell-all memoir by Britney Spears in a massive bidding war.

Three months free from the conservatorship that severely curtailed her ability to control her own career and life, Britney Spears is certainly full of stories, and it’s now been revealed just how she plans to tell them – in a big tell-all memoir.


Inevitably, Britney’s story was a hot property on the publishing market, with several companies involved in a major bidding war. It was eventually won by Simon & Schuster, who snagged the rights to the memoir for a whopping $15 million.


Spears’ memoir will presumably tell the story both of her meteoric rise to fame as the Princess of Pop at the turn of the century, and of the difficult 13 years spent under the thumb of her family and management team as part of her conservatorship.  It’ll also likely serve as a rejoinder to the memoir released last month by her sister Jamie Lynn, which Britney excoriated on Instagram in a now-deleted post as both untrue and attention-seeking.


After well over a decade spent unable to control her own story, Britney’s memoir is sure to be a cathartic moment for both the singer and her massive fanbase, as well as one of the most highly-anticipated nonfiction books of the coming years.



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