From award shows to music videos, Donatella Versace and Britney Spears are no strangers to working together. For their next venture, Britney Spears reveals that Donatella Versace is designing her wedding dress.

Britney Spears’s horror conservatorship rocked the news cycle when it was revealed that essentially every aspect of Britney’s life was under strict control. Not just her professional life but also in her personal life, from who she could marry to whether she could have a baby, prompting cries across social media to #FreeBritney.


As the nightmare of Britney’s conservatorship seems to be coming to an end, with her father Jamie Spears formally stepping down, a silver lining came when news broke in September that Britney Spears was engaged to her boyfriend of five years Sam Asghari.


Although not much is known about the nuptials yet, with Britney sharing on TikTok she doesn’t know whether to get married in “Italy, Greece, Australia or New York City”, we do know the wedding dress designer: none other than Donatella Versace!


Announced via Britney’s Instagram (where else?), the pop super star posted a series of pictures in a sheer pink princess gown with the caption: “No… this is not my wedding dress bahahah!!!! Donatella Versace is making my dress as we speak…. Have a good night folks!!!!”

The pair are no strangers to collaborating, with Britney donning Versace all throughout her pop princess heyday in the 2000s. Donatella has been vocal in her support of Britney throughout her ordeal, with the fashion designer posting support for the star on her Instagram page back in May.


We wish Britney nothing but the best and cannot wait to see her walking down the aisle in her custom Versace gown.

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