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Inspired by the House music scene and 90’s nostalgia, BULLDOG Gin are waving goodbye to the classic Gin & Tonic by ushering in Dr Pepper, Lilt and Fanta Lemon as new pours.

Now that International Gin & Tonic Day is upon us, BULLDOG Gin have a new, but nostalgic tipple suggestion in the place of an old staple., and BULLDOG Gin have a new, but nostalgic tipple suggestion in the place of an old staple. Turning back time to the days of classic 90s soft drinks, Dr Pepper, Lilt and Fanta Lemon are their new ‘House Pours’.


Chosen for their ties to the House music scene and nostalgia of the 90’s era, BULLDOG Gin are ready to create some new icons with these three updated mix offerings.

Mixing with these retro favourites is the unique blend of 12 botanicals found in BULLDOG Gin, a combination pairing perfectly with these soft drinks. About the new House Pours, Jono Mayes, National Trade & Bartender Advocacy Manager at Campari Group, says they “are proof of the brand’s innovative spirit, as we aim to break boundaries and push past the expectations of where and how gin should be enjoyed. BULLDOG Gin has always been a fantastically mixable gin and one that plays especially well late into the night. These mixes take us back with nostalgic flavours from a time when House music in the UK flourished. They are a celebration of the House music scene we have been part of for so long”.


BULLDOG Gin was founded in 2007 with the ambition of becoming the first modern gin brand, and this latest evolution demonstrates their continued commitment to shaking up the traditional gin scene. Also the gin of the music industry, BULLDOG Gin has had a number of collaborations with creatives and influencers, including a long-standing partnership with South London club Printworks. BULLDOG Gin’s long-held ties to the House music scene are celebrated through these three new House Pours.

The new ‘House Pours’ by BULLDOG Gin launched on International Gin & Tonic Day in celebration of the distinct smooth flavour of the spirit. The mixes are: BULLDOG Gin and Dr Pepper, served with a squeeze of lime; BULLDOG Gin and Fanta Lemon and BULLDOG Gin and Lilt. We can’t wait to try.


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