“Busy Tone” by Mae Muller

The North London singer drops the visuals for her latest release.

Her 2018 debut EP, After Hours, has a distinctly British flavour and deals in toxic relationships, female solidarity and trash men. Tracks like “The Hoodie Song” are pure soft pop jams, while the Two Inch Punch produced “Jenny” is a no scrubs rebuke to a two timing waste-man featuring the immortal line: “You think you’re sitting pretty getting your kicks / You want your ego to be stroked and have your arse licked”. Muller’s signature tongue-in-cheek lyrics are by nature sassy af and come with a refreshing honesty that’s delivered straight from the Lily Allen school of real talk.

Her latest release is the fiery “Busy Tone”, a reggae-infused pop jam that offers up some tips on how to brush off unwanted exes. The visuals for the track were made by videographer Josh Cohen in collaboration with Muller’s manager, Gabrielle. They’re an ode to esteemed director Quentin Tarantino, who was responsible for hits like Kill Bill and Django Unchained.  “We wanted to leave quite a bit to the imagination in the busy tone vid, and make mysterious,” Muller tells us. “It’s up to the audience what happens. We were really inspired by Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, and thought the aesthetic fit perfectly. Keeping it sassy at all times of course!” 

"Busy Tone" by Mae Muller


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