Swooping into the scene with pure 90's vibes, get to know the new upcoming British Pop sensation Mae Muller.

The modern day equivalent of an overnight superstar, newcomer Mae Muller went from stacking shelves to paving space for herself and working with an array of the biggest musical names to name! Throwing the orthodox traditions of higher education on the clearance shelf, singer-songwriter Mae knew her destined path and nothing could get in her way of achieving her dreams of being a Pop star.

Freshly signed to Capitol records, their new North London queen is reining high with the release of her new single “Leave It Out”. With the single released, Mae does not fail to give her supporters all of the sauce, when it comes to her music. Due to drop the acoustic lo-fi visuals for “Leave It out” on Friday 29th March, Mae strives to swiftly tell the stories of heartbreak and female empowerment as she uses her self-made platform to beautifully echo the voices of young independent ladies. Sharing her diary-like record on an acoustic platform, Mae chooses a stylish vintage laundrette to set the scene, giving us nothing but pure 90’s vibe with a Mae flex. Horned by her groovy flow and quintessential vocals, Mae Muller has got a follow from me and undoubtedly is a superstar in the workings; A home name we should definitely be supporting from start to finish. 

We got the chance to speak to the Pop vibe master herself to get a real insight into her rise to fame.

"Leave It Out" by Mae Muller

All of your visuals have this lo-fi, vintage aesthetic, what influenced you to set the acoustic visuals for “Leave It Out” in a vintage laundrette?

I’ve always liked the aesthetic of a laundrette, I find something quite comforting about them. I used to sit and read magazines while my clothes dried and I just remember feeling really at peace, so it’s nice to bring that familiarity and feeling in to my work, and with a stripped back acoustic song I thought that would be the perfect time to do it! 

What difference did you want your listeners to feel and hear between the acoustic visual track and the original track?

The original version of Leave It Out is very pop and hyped up, so I wanted the listeners to get a more intimate take on it and to maybe feel a bit closer to me. That’s what acoustic versions are all about I think. 

Why did you decide to make an acoustic video rather than one that fits the cinematic style of your other visuals?

I like to try different things. I never want to be tied down to one certain style, I like to experiment, and I think people appreciate variety. I don’t wanna give them the same thing all the time, you know? 

What is one strength and one weakness you have with conveying the purpose of your written songs into a visual format?

My strength is I always manage to have fun with it. I love shooting visuals, it’s so exciting to me. I think a weakness would be I put way too much pressure on myself for it to be exactly right. I put so much of my story and meaning in to my songs, I want the visuals to do it justice, but I think I stress myself out too much sometimes! 

Did any prominent celebrity figures you idolise influence the style and sound of this acoustic track?

For this particular track, there was no direct influence from anyone else. I just wanted to make sure I offered a different flavour and tried to make it my own while doing it.


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