We get to grips with one of our favourite North Londoner's, Kara Marni, who gives us the lowdown on how she is doing right now and performs some stunning acoustic tracks for your listening pleasure.

Kara Marni, who has been on our radar for a while now, creates heavenly music that sits at the intersection of soul and pop music.


Cementing her status as one of the most vulnerable and honest pop writers, Kara’s voice transcends you into newer heights (something we all need in these difficult but necessary times). Marni’s music is both healing as it is reflective – touching upon subjects like self-empowerment and running away from toxic situations and people.


With 2020 throwing a spanner in everyone’s works – we thought we check in on the wonderful Kara Marni to see how she is doing in lockdown, if her creative process has changed at all and what’s exactly on her mind. Plus, we believe new music is closer than you think…


To brighten up your rainy day, Kara performed some stunning tracks from her ‘No Logic’ EP on our IGTV here! Stay safe.

Hi Kara, how have you been doing spiritually and mentally during lockdown?

The real truth is my emotions have been all over the place (ask my family…). I’ve struggled to be with my thoughts 24/7 with no distractions from being able to go out and do stuff. Obviously, it’s been a worry thinking of the effect that this pandemic will have on my career etc… but that’s definitely been overridden by the very necessary and long overdue shift that’s going on in the world right now with the Black Lives Matter movement. Which, as depressing it is to know Sam Cooke’s ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ was written over 5 decades ago… although there is still a VERY long way to go, I do feel like a change is starting to happen.

Have you discovered any tips on staying creative and positive throughout all of this?

Definitely – writing my thoughts down! It doesn’t necessarily have to be for a song, but I’ve found just getting them down on paper has been really good for my sanity… and my songwriting! Having your own personal space (if you can) is another important one, as my stresses have definitely impacted those around me. That space for me has been my music shed at the back of the garden – my quarantine haven! I’ve learnt how to use logic and vocal produce in there during this time which I’m really happy about! My new mic came yesterday and the excitement unboxing it was so real. Was recording all night on it (I’m sure to my neighbour’s delight!).

Has your creative process changed at all?

Yes, during this process I’ve become a lot more self-sufficient in all aspects. I’m now able to properly record my song ideas myself; from playing chords on guitar/ piano into logic, comping my vocals, mixing etc. It’s actually really empowered me!

What is your favourite subject to write about currently?

A lot is going on in the world right now… and having so much time on my hands has really made me reflect – on how it’s affected me and the people around me etc. Been feeling a mixture of sadness and anger from what I touched on in the first question, that in 2020 we are STILL having to fight for equality for our black brothers and sisters. I wrote a song yesterday called ‘Maybe We Should Start Again’ which addressed my current thoughts that, although the world is on fire right now, maybe we need it to be because through these ash clouds… there will be a new dawn?

What is the main message you wanted to get across within your music?

Well I try to always be as honest and vulnerable in my writing as possible, and in that, my hope is that the people listening will also be able to feel and be that too and see that there is strength in vulnerability!

What is something you want to tell your fans?

I love them the most and can’t wait to see them after all this is over and thank them for being patient and understanding; the pandemic has messed up a lot of my release/show plans, but this will be over eventually and we will be reunited!

What is your star sign? Do you think you’re like your star sign?

’m a Gemini! Yeah, I’m very like my star sign – I can literally go from laughing to crying within seconds… I guess my crazy up and down emotions are exacerbated being a creative too!

What would the name of your autobiography be?

Maybe  ‘Living my dream???’ because there are parts of my career that I love but other parts that can also be really tough, especially on my mental health.


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