Enter the Internet Sad Boy Icon of Our Dreams: Gregory Dillon

Gregory Dillon is making the sun-soaked pop anthems that we really knew we needed.

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Lowertown are the Atlanta based teen duo that have risen to popularity with their intricate and adventurous take on lo-fi alt-pop.

Liv.e Is Breaking Down Barriers With Her Genre-Defying Sound

Known for layering an assortment of complex textures over one another, Liv.e’s tranquil and nonchalant sound can transform you to an other-worldly realm.

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With her eclectic, unique sound and deeply relatable lyrics, ELIO is making a name for herself as one of the most relatable artists putting out music today. 

There’s Only One Jaguar Jonze

Combining cinematic visuals with straight-up inherent energy as she effortlessly drifts between genres, Jaguar Jonze is the multi-faceted Australian artist who’s got it all.

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Dublin artist EFÉ is making waves with the release of her debut EP 'What Should We Do This Summer?'. The 20-year-old effortlessly flows through each track with harmonic vocals and soothing chords.

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Notion chats to R&B newcomer, Raheaven, about her new song "2Personal", writing process, and what's next.

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Armed with her own fresh and exciting yet simultaneously nostalgic sound, London artist Rose Gray is here to shake up the music we hear today.

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R&B singer-songwriter, Kiya Juliet, shares her earliest experience with music, how she’s evolved over the past four years and hints at an EP release in 2021.