Introducing Stalk Ashley

Rising Jamaican R&B artist Stalk Ashley talks about her musical journey and what we can expect next from her.

Life at Sea: A Conversation with Leven Kali

There are a lot of ocean metaphors in music. Everyone is trying to find the waviest sound. Leven Kali, however, is more taken by the intensity of the tide.

J Lloyd’s Musical Voyage to the Stars

Jungle's J Lloyd steps out on his own and takes us on a voyage to the Milky Way with the space-like mixtape 'Kosmos'.

Jafaris Is Hitting His Stride

Meet Jafaris, the up-and-coming dynamo beckoning in a new generation of Irish hip-hop and putting Dublin on the rap map.

Dial 220 KID For A Dance Party

Producer, songwriter and DJ, 220 KID, chats about his musical journey, mental health and the most famous person in his DMs (it's not who you'd think!)

lennixx Are Starting Something New

Made up of best friends Hanna and Andrea, lennixx are the Swedish duo creating instantly likeable R&B.

Plug Into The LAN Party

Engaging wholeheartedly in a Y2K-era Microsoft Paint aesthetic, LAN Party creates what might best be described as AI lullabies.

Dai Burger’s Party Cake Ice Cream Music

Dai Burger serves up a plate of confidence-boosting, sex-positive sass on her new EP 'Dessert'. We chat with the Queens rapper about what her music tastes like and going with the flow.

Dream Wife: Emotion, Fire and Sisterhood

We speak to the badass punk-rock band, Dream Wife, about the importance of energy, their favourite songs to mosh to, and releasing an album not just in lockdown, but with the members in different countries.