The Ivy are Climbing

The Ivy's Shawn chats about the band's journey so far, their writing process, and variety of influences.

Tei Shi is Embracing Change

Tei Shi talks about how change is “the driving force” behind all the music she’s ever made, including her new EP, Die 4 Ur Love.

Cookiee Kawaii Needs No Introduction

Cookiee Kawaii speaks on her creative process, mixing activism and art, and her fascination with Japanese culture.

Nissi Knows the Way

Is there anything Nissi can't do? We catch up with the budding musician, businesswoman and engineer to learn about her debut EP.

Meet Aaron Taylor

Have you heard the soulful stylings of Aaron Taylor? We've got the London musician on repeat.

Mathilda Homer's Dear Life

Sitting in the sweet spot between soul and pop, Mathilda Homer chats about her new EP, 'Dear Life', its creative process, and what she's looking forward to.

Introducing Andrea Valle

We chat to Philadelphia-based musician, Andrea Valle, about her new EP 'Lovergirl' and creating during lockdown.

Make Way for Adonis Bosso

Melt into the soft R&B melodies of Montreal model-turned-musician, Adonis Bosso.

Lav’s World

Meet Lav, the 'sad girl music' songstress co-signed by Billie Eilish.