Lady Donli Wants You To Be Daring

Marrying melodies, storytelling and cultural richness into one with her music, Lady Donli inspires a thirst for knowledge and a love for dreams.

Get To Know ABISHA

Rising alt-R&B musician, ABISHA, speaks on her latest single "Time Alone", what's next in store, and being excited to play live again.

KAWALA Are Bringing The Light Back Into Our Lives

Jim and Dan from the genre-bending band KAWALA chat to Notion about the year they've had, always working towards an album, and trying to "bring a bit of light" into people's lives with their music.

Lost Girl Is Beginning To Find Herself

Lost Girl talks to Notion about bringing garage back to the charts, why she’s always wanted to be a popstar and how she plans to use her voice to help others.

Samm Henshaw Is ‘All Good’

Soulful singer-songwriter, Samm Henshaw, speaks on being an independent artist, writing his new song over Zoom and shares a few songs that are on his current playlist.

Will Joseph Cook Is Giving Us ‘Something To Feel Good About’

Singer-songwriter Will Joseph Cook is back to give us what we’re all so desperate for - 'Something To Feel Good About'.

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Enter the Internet Sad Boy Icon of Our Dreams: Gregory Dillon

Gregory Dillon is making the sun-soaked pop anthems that we really knew we needed.

Lowertown Are Your New Alt-Pop Obsession

Lowertown are the Atlanta based teen duo that have risen to popularity with their intricate and adventurous take on lo-fi alt-pop.