Bklava Is The One-Stop UKG Princess 2-Stepping Onto The Scene

Meet multifaceted, multitalented introvert-extrovert Bklava. The emerging UK Garage singer and producer is bringing female vocals to the forefront of the scene.

Nasty C Is Doing It All

Fresh from his 'Zulu Man With Some Power' album release, Nasty C continues his upward trajectory to global dominance with a new Netflix documentary. We caught up with the man doing it all.

Meet Alex Gough

Newcomer Alex Gough takes you on a smooth car journey; drawing you in with catchy beats, jazzy rhythms and cleverly thought-out wordplay.


South London's INFAMOUSIZAK is pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a rapper; ranging from a variety of slick beats whilst delivering a stylistic flow.

Step Into Shay Lia’s Solaris

Soul-filled R&B songstress, Shay Lia, creates music that is intimate and soothing for her listeners. We have a chat as she shares her new EP 'Solaris'.

Kean Kavanagh is a Dog Person

Kean Kavanagh invites both rebellion and the exploration of emotional turmoil with his heartfelt lyrics and a trouble-making alter-ego, Dog Person.

Whos’ That? Niko B. What’s That? An Inteview With Notion

"Who's That What's That" hitmaker and rising rapper, Niko B, muses on his favourite GTA game, his hopes and dreams, and those dreaded gherkins.

In Conversation With Olivia Dean

We chat with London musician on the rise, Olivia Dean, about the past, the present, and the future of her beautifully honest music. 

Baby Rose Can Transport You Through Space and Time

Baby Rose has a voice that can transport you through space and time, wondering if you’re in a dimly-lit, smoky jazz bar instead of listening to Spotify on the floor of your room.