Eli Smart’s Good Vibrations

Notion sat down with Hawaiian-hailing, Liverpool-based artist Eli Smart to discuss his trademark genre of Aloha Soul, Elton John's endorsement, and his self-directed cinematic music videos.

KhakiKid: “I Have More Listeners in the Philippines Than I Do in Ireland!”

Dublin’s alt-rap up-and-comer KhakiKid speaks about pioneering Irish talent and showing that it can be possible to merge both music and comedy.

The Return of Saya

Toronto’s most promising new artist, Saya, spills the beans on her upcoming EP 'Ready to Burn', being in a good place both as a person and an artist, and looking ahead.

Cat Burns: A Social Media Star on the Rise

Notion caught up with South London singer-songwriter Cat Burns to discuss finding fame during lockdown, musical inspirations, pet TikToks, and much more.

Mrley and the Art of Trusting the Vision

Set on paving his own path and always trusting the vision, Mrley speaks with Notion about his musical journey into rock and roll, love for London, and escaping the world with his guitar.

MEYY’s Neon Dreams

Rapidly rising artist MEYY speaks on her 'Neon Angel' EP and being aesthetics-orientated when it comes to her music, plus her manifestations for 2022.

Tia Carys Is Carving Her Journey in Rap

Rising rapper and 'local princess' Tia Carys speaks about honing her sound, learning that she can't please everyone, hashtagged rap battles, and being a pioneer.

Big Dreams, Big Trees, and the Life of Leith

Canadian-born, London-based rising star, Leith, speaks with Notion about leaving her home country to pursue music, life in lockdown, new music, and her record label, Big Trees.

LADIPOE: A Rapper With Stories to Tell

Nigerian rapper LADIPOE is shifting the boundaries of what rap music rising from the continent can look like, using what he refers to as ‘lifelines’ to deliver potent messages with an experimental Afro-fusion backdrop.