Dive into the deep wells of Yore's poetic mastermind with his emotive and mesmerising new track "Chasing Daylight".

There is something excitingly mysterious about Yore. The introspective LA-based singer/songwriter began causing waves of emotion with his profound and melodic debut ‘EP1’ last year.


With his deeply progressive arrangements that quietly roared on top of his entirely unique vocals, everyone was patiently waiting for what Yore did next. With the wait finally over, it’s refreshing to hear Yore’s growth as an artist with his more uptempo new track “Chasing Daylight”. It wouldn’t be a Yore track if it didn’t take you by the hand and tell you a story – this time it’s full of euphoria and instantly addictive.


An artist in the truest sense, Yore has crafted a universe that he welcomes us into with open arms with his stunning and cinematic visuals. Yore revealed that “Chasing Daylight” is “about seeing the beauty in things that are uncertain, enjoying good times even when you’re unsure how long they will last. Running with the clock, rather than racing against it. Unconditional joy.”


It’s clear that Yore is entering a new chapter of his life, and progressing further into the great artist he already is. We just can’t wait to see what’s next. Until then, be prepared to have “Chasing Daylight” on loop below.


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