Reflecting on finding his voice and feeling like a fully-formed artist, Dylan Fraser takes stock of his biggest year yet as part of our 'Co-Signed by Clara Amfo' list for 2023.



Dylan Fraser’s come a long way from making music in his teenage bedroom. Hailing from Scotland, the artist set his sights on making music in his early years, first picking up a guitar aged 12 — a hand-me-down from his mum, who taught him his first four chords.


Since dropping his first official debut single, “Viper”, in 2020, Dylan’s had a whirlwind two years — three EPs, major festival performances, and stints supporting Inhaler and Holly Humberstone on tour. As well as building an organic and ever-growing fan base, he’s secured studio time with the likes of PC Music’s A. G. Cook, radio play from Clara Amfo, Jack Saunders and Zane Lowe, and support from Spotify, Sam Smith and Sir Elton John.


After the success of his third EP ‘2030 Revolution’ this summer, 2023 is looking bright for the artist. With new music and even bigger shows in the works, it’s set to be packed with full-circle moments for his 12-year-old self.

Why do you back yourself for 2023? 

I back myself because this is the year where I really felt like an artist. Before, I was trying out a bunch of sounds, which you could hear in my EPs. For 2023, I’ve been working on this new project that I’m really excited about. It’s my favourite music that I’ve ever made and I think this will feel like Dylan Fraser as a fully-formed artist.

What has been your biggest artistic hurdle in your journey so far?

I think my hurdle has been my confidence. I’ve always believed in myself but I got bullied pretty bad in school, so I’ve always had this thing in my head where I self-sabotage or think ‘Oh I’m not cool or good enough’. That’s held me back, but finding my voice and sound as an artist is going to help me a lot. 

What has been your biggest triumph in your journey so far? 

My biggest triumph has been playing shows and going on tour. I went on tour with Inhaler and Wet Leg last year, which was really fun. I started releasing music during Covid, so I didn’t get a chance to play live. Seeing people sing the lyrics back to you, that’s probably my biggest achievement – having that connection with the fans. 

How would you define making it? 

I’m very inspired by creatives and other people’s work, so success for me is having that ‘You did good’ from other creatives that I look up to and admire.

What makes your fanbase unique? 

I think we’re all fucking weirdos to be honest. I have a Discord with my fans and we’re on the same page with everything. So, it feels like we’re good friends at the same time.

Who would you put our ‘Co-Signed by Clara Amfo’ list if you weren’t on it? 

The artist I would put on this list is Dora Jar. She’s incredible and I’ve not been this excited about a new artist in a long time. 

Listen to Dylan on the 'Co-Signed by Clara Amfo' playlist below:

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