Canada’s alt-pop R&B star on the rise, Cherry Lena, confronts dark energy and feminine rage in her latest track.

Some artists simply have an innate ability to connect with the emotions and experiences that people feel on a daily basis. For them, this tricky task is as natural as breathing: Cherry Lena, a singer-songwriter hailing from Montreal, stands out among them. Since enthralling audiences with her stint on The Voice Quebec in 2019, she has steadily ascended the ranks, distinguishing herself with her soothing R&B tones and subtle hints of 1950s jazz vocals.


Cherry’s latest project, ‘EDGE’, isn’t just a track reciting the power of dark feminine energy and raw emotion, it’s a heartfelt plea for help. Battling feelings of solitude and seclusion, she underscores that she has reached her breaking point, singing “I’m on the edge”, as she searches desperately to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Cherry lets her heart dictate her words and melodies, yielding what could be considered her most sincere and authentic work to date.


Infusing pop with drum and bass effortlessly, the track’s unhurried and relaxed tempo offers a refreshing take from the fast-paced drum and bass tunes dominating today’s music scene. Even though slow in place, there is still an energetic feel to the single: it’s a confidence booster. However, it’s Cherry’s emotive lyricism imbued with veracity that truly steals the spotlight, as she urges listeners to view their pain not as a vulnerability, but as a catalyst that propels them towards a more evolved version of themselves. A thoughtful message which we can all draw inspiration from.


Lena says about the track, “Re-working it years after its initial composition, I was pleased to realize that I had evolved considerably since. I dedicate this song to my inner strength. To my resilienceto my inner-bad b*tch, who allowed me to become a flower that blooms in adversity. This is for my inner queen. Back then, I had yet to meet her.”


Stream 'EDGE' now:

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