Brighten up your morning with tastemakers Groove Armada as their addictive new track 'Get Out On The Dancefloor' gets the Joe Goddard remix treatment.

Tom Findlay and Andy Cato AKA Groove Armada are without a doubt one of the most legendary and seminal forces within the UK dance music scene. Their impact can be felt throughout the dancefloor for years and is we continue to trudge through difficult times, dance music has become more important than ever.


Teaming up with tastemaker Joe Goddard, another force to be reckoned with, Goddard’s remix of ‘Get Out On The Dancefloor’ is both entirely different from the OG track but remains true to Groove Armada’s DNA.


The incorporation of live drums transcends the track into greater heights, as the emotive and soulful feel of the track embraces you warmly. Goddard’s idiosyncratic brand of indie arrangements amalgamates the track with groovy house rhythms, whilst the core of the track remains true to the original.


Ultimately, it’s a feel-good track that takes you wherever you want it to, and that’s something that’s precious in these difficult times.