Nonso Amadi emerges us in his own universe where the stars shine and Afrobeat fuses with pop, R&B and soul in his latest visual for "Go Outside" featuring Mr Eazi!

Following on the streak of his hit singles “Emergency” and “Comfortable”, it seems Nonso Amadi has no motivation to slow down.


The Nigerian born triple threat successfully waters his African roots within every beat and soulful vocal, whilst managing to fuse uptempo pop and emotive R&B – truly making him one of a kind. Based now in Canada, Nonso is an artist of the truest sense with his latest EP, “Free”, that takes you on a sonic and visual journey through the singer’s mind, where he has crafted a magical universe entirely for himself but is now letting us peek behind the curtain.


“Go Outside” features one of Nigeria’s most noted entertainers, Mr Eazi, and reinforces Nonso’s journey to becoming one of the best African performers out there. Check out the exclusive premiere of “Go Outside” below!




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