In imagery and visuals that pay homage to some of Stanley Kubrick's most iconic films, the new Gucci campaign visits the worlds of '2001: A Space Odyssey', 'The Shining' and more.

Gucci’s latest campaign shows their “Exquisite” collection debuted at Milan Fashion Week earlier this year. Featuring their now infamous collaboration with Adidas, the concept brings the fashion house together with the iconic films of Stanley Kubrick.


The Exquisite Gucci campaign combines the romantic clothing with recognisable scenes from across periods, times and realities. A ruffled dress is juxtaposed against the Discovery One from Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, and modern silhouttes into the haunted halls of The Shining. 


In a press releasee, creative director Alessandro Michele describes: “The ‘Exquisite’ campaign is my tribute to cinema and to one of its brightest maestros, Stanley Kubrick. A philosophic filmmaker who, better than others, emanated the magic of that inextricable knot through which cinema exudes life and magnifies it.”


There is a narrative for each garment, as the designer placed an adidas x Gucci gown worn in a scene of Barry Lyndon, a dress in The Shining, pearl-embellished looks in Eyes Wide Shut and more. As Michele explains: “The past explodes into the present. Everything can become anything, or something else”.

Watch the campaign video below:


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