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R&B's new reigning queen, Kate Stewart, delivers yet again with her sensual yet raw new track 'High' featuring our favourite boy Jevon.

London’s own Kate Stewart is at the perfect intersection of where old school R&B meets the new – think MNEK producing Mariah’s ‘Butterfly’ and you will get Kate Stewart.


Rounding off the year with another succulent yet emotive track, Kate Stewart effectively pours her heart and soul into every word carefully crafted by the songstress. So much so, that you can feel the hurt and yearning hanging off each riff Kate heavenly sings. ‘High’ is the chapter of a toxic relationship fuelled by drugs – a complete tipping of the scales so to speak where communication has totally crumbled and the man in the relationship can’t even speak his heart unless he is under the influence. Featuring another rising UK star, Jevon completes the duality and adds a signature sensualness to the track.


Speaking about her new single, Kate Stewart revealed “High is a deep track, but relatable for most in this day and age! When the song was done, I knew it had to have a feature, and I didn’t want anyone else except Jevon. He’s crazy talented, an amazing songwriter and all-round performer, and I knew he would do the song justice, and he just so happens to be a great friend of mine”.


Start your day off right and get in your feelings with Kate Stewart’s stunning new track ‘High’ featuring Jevon below!

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