Here are the must-see, forecasted fashion Instagram trends for 2023.

Community Love and Curated Fashion Platforms

There are plenty of curated platforms, trending on Instagram, that spotlight emerging fashion brands. delightfultack and 50-m Store are two of the most prominent in the UK. These concept stores exist to support and showcase up-and-coming fashion designers and artists, providing them with a platform to sell and present their collections.

Viral Streetwear Drops

Supreme and Palace drop lookbooks of new collections on Instagram religiously, and more emerging brands are following suit. JADED LONDON and  Tank Air are two brands to keep an eye on.  

Rising designers have helped in the evolution of fashion through collaborations with legacy streetwear brands. kiko kostadinov, for example, has previously worked with Stüssy whilst Wales Bonner continues to collaborate with Adidas. 

Homemade Jewellery and Accessories

Homemade accessories are blowing up on Instagram. From the UK to Japan, emerging jewellery makers are spotlighting their creations whilst challenging the norms of traditional accessory-making. UK-based Rebekah Kosonen Bide incorporates sculpture and wearable pieces, handcrafted using a variety of techniques. The equally talented, Tokyo-based, MOIRA X MEL explores the more edgy & romantic side of modern jewellery.  

And it’s not just jewellery. Accessories of all kinds are being created at home. For example, designers like US based michelle nia and reagan flora have embraced accessories using crochet and knit. 

Thrifting and Vintage Upcycling

New apps like Sojo are helping fashion finders customize their thrifts, making it easier than ever to upcycle exactly how you want to. For a little inspiration, follow Maddy Page in the UK. For inspiration further afield, check out LA-based Miam Marquez.

 With more brands putting sustainability front and centre we’ve seen an uplift in deadstock and recycled garments being used in collections. Check out brands like Brighton-based Story mfg. 

The Reel ‘It’ Girls

Out with the old, in with the new – it’s the new ‘It’ girl season. In the UK, for simple, slick transitions and stunning ‘fits, head to Claire, and for 360 perfection, Estelle Aliot is a standout creator. 

The New Knitwear

A new wave of knitwear is set to take centre stage in 2023. Keep your eyes peeled on London brand AGR, and Gigi Hadid’s GUEST IN RESIDENCE. 

Vibrant Colours

Expect vibrant colours to be the theme next year, with brands like Supriya Lele offering pops of pinks, purples, blues and more. 

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