Meet Bleach Lab, the four-piece from South London creating ethereal dream pop.

With only three songs out in the world, Bleach Lab are already making a swift impact with their incredibly polished sound. Their first release, “Heartache of the Season”, in 2019, established the band’s sound wholeheartedly. Building gently to create a dreamy introduction, singer Jenna Kyle’s soft, delicate vocals immediately captivate as the track builds to include Smiths-like guitar riffs and head swaying drum beats.


This year, Bleach Lab shared their second track, Burnt Orange, which felt like the sonic sunset to “Heartache Season”‘s sunrise. A darker number, it’s reminiscent of Mazzy Star – especially in her aloof vocals being akin to that of Hope Sandoval’s.


The third song Bleach Lab added to their young roster was “Sleep”, a floaty and mysterious number about the breakdown of a longterm relationship. It was in fact, one of the earliest tracks they wrote together, but it sounds completely effortless and simultaneously refined.

“It was a song that was created organically and all on the same wavelength, it came together very quickly,” the band said.
Guitarist Frank Wates adds: “It wasn’t even really finished when we started recording it, we finished it in the studio. But that’s kind of made it what it is. Didn’t overthink it at all”.
This sentiment encapsulates Bleach Lab perfectly – they approach everything naturally – including how they all met. Originally from Buckinghamshire, Frank Wates and bassist Josh Longman met through previous projects but after the arrival of vocalist Jenna Kyle and drummer Shawn Courtney, Bleach Lab was formed.


Keep an eye out – we predict big things for Bleach Lab.

Listen to Bleach Lab's latest single "Sleep" below: