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For the seventh instalment of Nordoff Robbins’ ‘We Are Listening’ campaign, Jack Coulter, a painter who experiences synesthesia, has created ‘A Visual Representation’.

As part of the Nordoff Robbins ‘We Are Listening’ campaign, artist Jack Coulter has responded to a music therapy session with Omolara to create a vibrant representation of the session in paint.


Coulter experiences synesthesia, a neurological trait where two or more senses which are not usually related merge. In this way, someone with synesthesia may hear colour or see sound.


In Coulter’s case, he can see sound, enabling him to create a visual representation of what he heard during Omolara’s music therapy session. Omolara is non-verbal and has severe learning and physical disabilities. Coulter’s project is a visual representation capturing the relationship between Omolara and her music therapist, and the spectrum of emotions that the session entailed.


The resulting kaleidoscopic painting is a standalone piece for the campaign.


To learn more about the Nordoff Robbins charity, visit: We Are Listening – Nordoff Robbins (

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