Polymathic producer, musician and singer songwriter Mike Sabath unveils his cathartic single, 'LIFE'.

Collaborative visionary and acclaimed producer Mike Sabath – known for his work with a variety of music industry heavyweights, including Pharrell Williams, Raye, J Balvin, and more – is back with a cathartic release. Sabath, whose music has garnered critical acclaim, has unveiled his latest single and music video, ‘LIFE’, offering listeners a glimpse into the depths of his artistry, emotionality and the synergistic crossroads between the two.


‘LIFE’, a sonic eruption of gritty guitar riffs, chaotic drums, and an undeniable hook, also showcases Sabath’s unabashed vulnerability. The track is poised as a testament to the artist’s evolution, which proceeded a degree of profound personal growth. Sabath confides, “This record came from a moment of overwhelming frustration and loneliness that seemed to crack open the shell of who I was and forced me forward to evolve into the next version of myself.”


Sabath’s journey in the music industry has been nothing short of luminary. Starting with a passion for drums and later discovering his obsession with recording and production through GarageBand experiments, Sabath’s talent led him to Los Angeles, where he quickly rose to prominence. Collaborating with artists from the likes of Lizzo to Camila Cabello, Sabath’s versatility as a producer and artist has earned him recognition and praise.

Watch 'LIFE' now:

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