(S.O.D.M.G.) signed rapper HoodTrophy Bino hits back with hard-hitting new release “drip check \ what I got on” ahead of his new album.

Tadashi Sayres otherwise known by his moniker HoodTrophy Bino is a rising rapper signed to Soulja Boy’s record label Stacks On Deck Money Gang (S.O.D.M.G.). His brand-new single “drip check \ what I got on” is out today and is released alongside an extravagant music video.


Throughout the last few years, Hoodtrophy has built his music career on the foundations of storytelling his lifeline growing up in hardship, and the music industry has been a creative outlet for the rapper to express his feelings. Hoodtrophy’s lyrics are of honest substance and it’s with this that the artist has been able to strike such a chord with his listeners thus far.


Showcasing visuals of a party with stacks of money, drugs and alcohol, throughout the music video the rapper embodies the thrill of celebrity life. Whilst visually an energetic release  “drip check \ what I got on” is driven by Hoodtrophy’s raw lyricism and steady vocal flow and is shared ahead of his forthcoming album. Eager to show the world his music, Hoodtrophy says: “I’m not here because I’m the best, I’m here because they tried to break me and they couldn’t”.

Watch “drip check \ what I got on” below:

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