San Diego rapper Star 2 talks about the struggles of gang violence on his collaborative new release “Up”.

Star 2 is an Asian American singer-songwriter and rapper making hard-hitting cuts with sturdy beats. No stranger to collaborations, his previous single “New Me” featured famed rappers Soulja Boy and Luh Kel. Now back with a new release, “Up” welcomes Mozzy, HoodTrophy Bino and $tupid Young with a music video of them surrounded by money and cars.


Two years into his musical project, Star 2 uses this as a gateway to introspectively reflect on his past, whilst looking forward to the future. It’s with his captivating storytelling skills and vivid music videos does the artist really capture the attention of many. Having previously received over 14 million streams on WorldStarHipHop with his video releases, it’s fair to say his work is of great value.


“Up” is a retrospective single about the rapper’s history of gang violence, and is a product based on the stories and experiences of collaborators Mozzy, HoodTropy Bino and $tupid Young lives. Growing up in a Thai refugee camp and raised by his grandma, Star 2’s journey has so far been nothing but graft. Now able to invest in his music career, it’s clear with each single and feature he does that Star 2’s music comes with great depth and creativity.

Stream "Up" below:

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