Lockdown with Spinnup: Live Streaming With A Difference

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Presented by our favourite Jamz Supernova, we are proud to introduce a fresh new live-streaming series with Spinnup that gives opportunities to new and emerging artists at a time when the usual opportunities to play to a crowd have disappeared.

Lockdown With Spinnup is set to bring an unrivalled selection of curated new music favourites directly to your front room over the coming weeks, so be prepared to discover your new faves all in one place.


Starting today, Lockdown With Spinnup will be introducing new artists to the world via a unique programme airing five days a week. Featuring interviews at 1pm by new music tastemaker Jamz Supernova, all the acts offer insight into their music and story so far, whilst delving into what the lockdown means for them, exploring some of the challenges, as well as positive impacts on creativity during this time. From there they launch into unique live performances presented by Jess Iszatt. It’s a perfect way to get to know some of the best rising talent breaking through the airwaves, and you can get to know them on a more personal level too.


Obviously, times are tough and times have drastically changed. With the usual ways we have discovered new talent becoming obsolete, we adapt and change to the times. Hence, Lockdown with Spinnup – bringing together key influencers in the musical sphere, a regular outlet for artists to introduce themselves to the world is being established. 


Announced today is the first two weeks of acts and broadcasts:


Joy Anonymous – Mon 20th April, 5PM

Melding an almost encyclopedic array of sounds and influences, the electro-pulse of Joy Anonymous is one primed to spin dancefloors into new shapes. 


CHINCHILLA – Tue 21st April, 5PM

With a powerhouse voice and clocking up millions of streams already, CHINCHILLA is a pop sensation in waiting. Catch her here while you can!


AyiTe – Weds 22nd April, 5pm

There’s something classic yet distinctively fresh about AyiTE, mixing smooth US hip-hop stylings with a vital UK flair. Kick back and enjoy this one.


Maya Law – Thu 23rd April, 5pm

Plug into the melancholy soul of Maya Law, hailing from Norwich and already making tracks on both sides of the Atlantic. The perfect Thursday evening if you ask us


Jimothy Lacoste – Fri 24th April, 5pm

What can be said about Jimothy Lacoste. A true original whose modern voice stands above most, he’s become a true sensation already gracing magazine covers as a must-see artist for now. 


We are more than proud to team up with the inspiring Spinnup, and to be apart of this tastemaker new programme. Lockdown With Spinnup will air on weekday evenings at 5pm via our Instagram Live (@notion). These artists have a total home-based creative agency (stay at home, save lives), incorporating items from their home “studios” into their performance. With more broadcasts to be announced over the coming weeks with a range of partners, the platform provides a window into the world of the next wave of UK artists, as they all take a truly unique approach to creativity at home.


So, now you’re in the know, don’t forget to head over to our Instagram at 5pm to get to know the next generation of artists you’re going to want to know.

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