Firewoodisland and The Satellite Station have released an intriguing collab, "Look Through".

Firewoodisland and The Satellite Station have been working hard on opposite sides of the Atlantic in the past few years, creating emotional indie-pop tunes that evoke lush visuals in the mind of the listener, so it only fits that the two acts would join forces.


The result of the collaboration between the two acts is an absorbing single, “Look Through”, with a vibrant narrative of its own to get lost in.


The music video chooses a woodland setting at the dead of night, creating a naturally quiet, slightly haunting atmosphere for the tune to begin with. It then unfolds into a surreal narrative of the protagonist finding a couple stuck in a mirror – and what happens next, you’ll just have to see for yourself. The contemplative nature of the track proves a perfect compliment to it, searching for a resolution that may or may not be in sight.


On the video, Firewoodisland say, When Abi came up with the initial idea of this video, we didn’t think we would be able to pull it off in time for release. Everything was filmed and edited between us three with a little help from friends and family. Our end, we mainly filmed in front of a black wall, with a few forest shots towards the end. Stian did all the editing, which took longer than expected due to the amount of mirror CGI. It’s been a hectic, but fun and rewarding project to work together on over the internet.”


Watch here:

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