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Puerto Rican Reggaeton and Latin trap artist Lunay has already stolen the hearts of his homeland. As Apple Music's Up Next Artist, Lunay is here to steal the rest of the world's hearts with his infectious music and glimmering smile.

As we are getting further into the era where rap, trap and reggaeton are finally getting the recognition they deserve and continue to assert their rightful dominance in the world, it’s no surprise that incredible homegrown artists are cropping up.


Latin trap and reggaeton has long been around and influenced much of the mainstream music we’ve known and loved since we were kids without getting the rightful credit. Long overdue, the tides are changing and this genre of music is rightfully asserting its grasp in mainstream culture. From artists like Bad Bunny and Ozuna leading the way – what will their influence on the younger generations be? Well, you don’t need to look much further as Lunay is here with banger after banger and a smile that could win anyone over.


Bursting onto the scene when he was only fifteen years old, Lunay began uploading his spits and flows to YouTube proving that the fire was within him from a very early age. However, things began moving very rapidly for the golden boy. Lunay’s ability to craft luxurious melodies, intelligent flows and oneliners can make you think he has been perfecting his talent for a lifetime. Mature beyond his years, the soon to be nineteen-year-old began releasing his tracks into the world in the form of “A Solas”, “Luz Apaga” and “Soltera”. Rightfully so, an immediate fire began behind the singer as people immediately took note of the talent shining from Lunay. “Soltera” proved to be a pivotal moment in the young star’s career as Daddy Yankee and Bad Bunny spat bars on the remix resulting in it debuting at number one in Spain and reached number 66 on the US Billboard Hot 100.


Chris Jeday and Gaby Music, two of the most respected producers in Puerto Rico, believed in what they could see in the young star and immediately signed him in 2018. Fast forward a year later and Lunay is Apple Music’s Up Next Artist and has already got the entire nation of Puerto Rico behind him. What’s next? Looks like it’s going to be world domination from here on out. The trajectory of Lunay’s short career is outstanding – he went from idolising his heroes to working along side them. Lunay has been catapulted into stardom and has handled it with such ease and grace that proves he is definitely here for a long time.


Lunay’s Up Next short shot reveals how he won a freestyle contest in 10th grade, which led to a chance meeting with Daddy Yankee. “I look him in the eye and tell him, ‘Man, I’m not going to stop working until I get to record with you or work with your people,’” Lunay says. With that and more, it’s hard to imagine what Lunay is going to do next. Continually outdoing himself, it’s clear that artist is all about the music and his love for his family and Puerto Rico. Back to that world dominance we spoke about, Lunay will be performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on the 2nd of October and from there on out it’s going to be Lunay madness. With a face like that, we are definitely not complaining.


Check out our exclusive editorial and interview with the incomparable Lunay below and prepare to see and hear much more of this talented young Latin-American artist immediately.



How did you first begin your journey into music?


¿Cómo empezaste tú viaje musical?


From as far back as I can remember I have always liked music. When I was 15 I started to “freestyle” and share my music on social media.  I sang and improvised all the time.


Desde que tengo memoria me ha gustado la música. A los 15 años comencé haciendo “freestyle” y compartir mi música en las redes. Cantaba, improvisaba todo el tiempo.

What are some musical memories you have as a child?


¿Cuales son unas memorias musicales que tuviste de niño?

In my house music was always playing.  I remember my parents, brothers and grandparents always singing and enjoying great music at our family reunions.


En mi casa siempre había música. Recuerdo ver a mis padres,hermanos y abuelos siempre cantando y disfrutando buena música en nuestras reuniones familiares.

How does Puerto Rico influence your music?


¿Cuál ha sido la influencia de Puerto Rico en tu carrera música?

Puerto Rico is very musical. In every place you can find “rumba”.  I definitely get influences from my homeland.


Puerto Rico es un país muy musical. En cualquier lugar se arma la “rumba”.   Definitivamente mi música tiene influencia de mi tierra.

What is your creative process like when it comes to making music?


¿Cómo es tu proceso creativo a la hora de crear música?

I don’t have a particular creative process. I get together with my managers and producers Chris Jeday and Gaby Music in the studio and we begin to create. It’s a very organic process.


No tengo un proceso creativo en particular.  Me reúno en el estudio con mis managers y productores Chris Jeday y Gaby Music y comenzamos a crear.  Es un proceso bien orgánico.

What has been one of the highlights of your year so far?


¿Cuál ha sido un momento culminante en tu carrera?

I feel blessed for everything that’s happened in such a short time.  To collaborate with such big artists and that they support me.  To receive the support from my fans has been incredible.


Me siento bendecido por todo lo que me ha sucedido en tan corto tiempo. Colaborar con grandes artistas y que ellos me brindaran su apoyo. Recibir el apoyo de mis fanáticos ha sido increíble.

What does it feel like to have so many people connect with your music?


¿Cómo se siente tener tanta gente conectando a tú música?

It feels great…it’s a big blessing to know that my music is getting to so many people and countries.  That is what energizes me to continue making music.  That they like what I do, and to receive their love and support.


Se siente bien….es una bendición muy grande saber que mi música llega a tantas personas y paises. Eso es lo que me da energía para continuar haciendo música.  Saber les gusta lo que hago y recibir ese cariño y apoyo.

What is one of the best things about Puerto Rico that people may not know about?


¿Menciona una cosa de Puerto Rico que te parezca increíble y que poca gente conozca?

Puerto Rico has so much to offer.  We have incredible beaches, woods, our food is spectacular.  In PR it’s always summer and our people are kind and giving.


Puerto Rico tiene mucho que ofrecer.  Tenemos unas playas increíbles, bosques, nuestra comida es espectacular. En PR siempre es verano y nuestra gente es amable y servicial.

What’s next for Lunay?


¿Que sigue para Lunay?

I have many goals and plans.  I’m going to release a new album, continue creating music and tour throughout the world.


Tengo muchos planes y metas.  Voy a lanzar un nuevo álbum, continuar haciendo música y continuar la gira internacional.

What inspires you to keep moving forward?


¿Que te inspire para seguir adelante?

My fans,  family and Puerto Rico.


Mis fanáticos, mi familia, Puerto Rico.

What is one thing people may not know about you yet?


¿Que es una cosa que gente no sabe sobre ti todavía?

I like to eat and love cars.


Me gusta comer y los autos.

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