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Standing tall with unwavering confidence, Megan Thee Stallion is the 'hot girl' rapstar from Houston with her sights set for world domination after her coveted spot as Apple Music's June 2019 Up Next Artist.

We live in an age where viral hits reign supreme. Stars are instantly made, then quickly forgotten about when the next one is born from our screens. However, when Megan Thee Stallion started posting Instagram lives of her freestyles, each and every one garnered more of a fire and devout following behind the rapstar. Last year, Megan Thee Stallion transcended from ‘internet star’ into a league entirely of her own with ‘Big Ole’ Freak’. Already one of the most sought after and hottest rappers in the industry, the 24-year-old is ready to gallop into global takeover.

Megan Thee Stallion’s story isn’t one of those ‘overnight star’ sensations. Megan has been working at honing her craft and her world since she was a teenager listening to her Mother rap in the studio. Digesting all the greats who have paved the way before her so that she can write incredible and fiery freestyles that demand the world’s attention. The ascension of Megan’s journey from 2016 to now is one to be in awe of. Rightfully she earned in place in Houston, Texas’ legendary roster of rappers by performing her now iconic raps and freestyles in battles and solos around the city. Take ‘Stalli (Freestyle)’ in 2017 for example which gave the world a taste of what Megan Thee Stallion could do. Racking up millions of views online with ease, this launched Megan into the sights of every big record label within a year.

Fast forward to the present day and Megan is the first and only female signed to 300 Entertainment and managed by legendary Texan rapper T.Farris. If that isn’t leading the pack then what exactly is? What’s refreshing for Megan Thee Stallion is the outpour of genuine love and support that follows her from fans or competitors. Go on any of Megan’s platforms and it’s easy to see; the people love her for her undefining talent and the message she ruthlessly evokes. Megan tells me “I’m just happy that people are getting to know me and the type of person I am.” She continues “I love when the ‘hotties’ show me love and I always want them to feel like they are special to me.”

In a society and industry that is ultimately male-dominated, Megan’s sexual freedom with her lyrics, attitude and presence could historically have had a sexist judgement placed upon her. Megan’s refreshing attitude to people judging her lyrics is simply “If you don’t like it, don’t listen”.

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However, Megan’s legion of loving fans have embraced this much needed sexual liberation and freedom to express whatever their heart desires. Deemed as ‘Hot Girls’ by Megan herself, she tells me that the real ‘hot girl spirit’ is about being “confident and kind” rather than pleasing the male gaze. This theme of kindness seems to run through everything Megan does; her raps are known for being fuelled by sexuality but that’s Megan’s way of being “unapologetically me” she reveals. Sex is not her defining factor, Megan lets me know that yes, that’s apart of Thee Stallion, but she’s also “fun, kind and free-spirited”. It’s clear that Megan is simply being her authentic self and that can only be admired.

It’s hard to imagine how busy Megan must be. Just after launching her latest mixtape ‘Fever’ after her renowned EP ‘Tina Snow’, Megan somehow still finds the time to continue her education in Houston. In her third year of studying Health Administration at Texas Southern University, Megan tells me that she “wasn’t going to let my music career affect my schooling, or let school stop me from doing music.” It’s clear to see that Megan’s unrelenting attitude to work comes from within and who she surrounds herself with. I’m in awe of the ability she is able to juggle with what seems like ease. Megan tells me “I just love the grind. I want to make my people proud and I want to make myself proud.” Without a doubt, Megan has already done that.

Megan’s intellectual raps need to be digested and processed so you can get the fire behind every single word carefully selected. When I ask about her writing process, it’s clear to see she’s a writer at heart. Megan tells me that she’s “writing all the time.” That even when she’s simply driving around inspiration divinely strikes. That’s where the magic comes from with Megan; her ability to weave and craft universal things that we all experience as humans and pack them with a punch that ignites us. Megan is about to embark across the pond to Europe for the first time, and with that is an obvious sign that as she crosses the waters, we are entering the age of Thee Stallion.

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