Supreme tastemaker Joe Hertz is cementing himself as one of the best multi-hyphenate creatives in the game with his electronic universe of talents. We got the boy wonder to craft a mix for you to spin in the comfort of your home!

The soundscape Joe Hertz has been crafting for many years has rightfully cemented his status as one of the best producers/DJs/mixers/writers in the UK scene as he ear for rising talent is one that’s finely tuned.


Working with some of our faves like Pip Millett and so on, Hertz has been quietly behind the scenes working on creating universes within tracks that have launched some artists in a trajectory of their own. It’s this finely tuned ear for music that has continually kept Joe Hertz ahead of the game whilst his focus remains on crafting some of the best contemporary music that’s in a league of their own.


Speaking on the latest mix for Notion, Joe wanted to say, “My heart goes out to everyone who’s been affected by the virus. We should all show huge appreciation for all those working in healthcare, in the supermarkets and on public transport right now. Keep safe, keep inside, keep chill. We will get through this.” And he’s exactly right.


Dive into the latest mix, Pandemix 1.1, from the talented Joe Hertz below and stay safe.


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