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In Notion Now: Week 37 we have new tunes from Charlotte OC, Mimi Webb, Greentea Peng, Tems, Billie Marten, Holly Humberstone, Central Cee, Josie Man and more.

"Mexico" by Charlotte OC

A prescient long-distance-relationship tune, Charlotte OC speaks for all of us. On the track she has said: “I wrote this song when my boyfriend at the time was away with work and we weren’t speaking much. I missed him alot and wasn’t getting much from him, so this song is what I wished he was saying to me, but in reality he wasn’t saying a lot."

"24/5" by Mimi Webb

Maxed out at full volume, Mimi Webb's heartrending latest single "24/5" is just a taste of what's to come with her debut EP 'Seven Shades of Heartbreak'.

"Crazy Tings" by Tems

Certain to catch you in its flow, "Crazy Tings" comes from the Nigerian singer and WizKid collaborator Tems.

"Liquid Love" by Billie Marten

Beloved artist Billie Marten has green fingers - from her third album 'Flora Fauna', "Liquid Love" reaches new vocal heights. The artist has said: “I wasn’t really treating myself very well, it was a bit of a disruptive time. All these songs are about getting myself out of that hole - they’re quite strong affirmations."

"Scarlett" by Holly Humberstone

“It’s a fuck you to the guy that was going out with my closest friend Scarlett and it was written as they were breaking up," Holly Humberstone has said of her most recent dose of heartfelt and life-affirming music.

"Obsessed With You" by Central Cee

Oakley Neil H T Caesar-Su, aka Central Cee, raps in earnest in his latest "Obsessed With You".

"Stormy Skies (Diamonds)" by Josie Man

Born in Orpington, Josie Man has long been mesmerising listeners with her understated vocals and swirling dream sonic soundscapes - "Stormy Skies (Diamonds)" is no exception.

"Free My People" by Greentea Peng, ft. Simmy & Kid Cruise

The inimitable artist Greentea Peng has shared a retro-feel track "Free My People" along with her landmark debut album 'Man Made'. Plenty to dive into this weekend!

"hurricane" by Tommy Genesis

Embedded in her bombshell of an album 'goldilocks x', "hurricane" epitomises Tommy Genesis' masterfully tough but soft sound.

"Where Did I Go" by 박혜진 Park Hye Jin

The Korean artist 박혜진 Park Hye Jin reels in her debut album 'Before I Die' with this thoroughly 90s-vibes track "Where Did I Go" in tow.

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