In Notion Now: Week 23, we've got new music from Bimini, ENNY, Jungle, Wolf Alice, Mae Muller, Pa Salieu and slowthai, Jax Jones and many more.

"God Save This Queen" by Bimini

Notion 89 cover star and Drag Race UK darling, Bimini, makes their first solo foray into music with high-energy banger, "God Save This Queen". Full of witty, quotable lines such as "Sipping up on my Builders tea / Milk, two sugars but dairy-free", it's already an anthem for our times. All hail Queen Bimini!

"I Want" by ENNY

Straight-talking singer/rapper, ENNY, is back with a brill new tune that features a feelgood beat. She says: "I hope this tune paints more of a picture into the world I’m coming from and the story of the EP. This is one to bubble to and motivate you to get up and get what you want!!”

"Talk About It" by Jungle

Who better to soundtrack the upcoming summer of freedom than Jungle? The duo's uplifting new track is the second single from their third LP 'Loving In Stereo'. A bottle of sunshine.

"American Dream" by Baby Queen & MAY-A

Baby Queen serves us her trademark euphoric, crashing choruses on this collab with Aussie artist, MAY-A. Baby Queen said: "This song is me manifesting my dream to be with a certain person. It’s essentially a song about a childlike crush you are cheeky enough to plan out inside your own head.”

"Glidin' (feat. slowthai)" by Pa Salieu

Two of the UK's hottest rappers team up for this addictive number that features a catchy refrain and an irresistible beat you can't help but bop to.

"How Can I Make It OK?" by Wolf Alice

Rated 5 stars across the board from almost everyone under the sun, Wolf Alice's third studio album is just made for the main stage at huge festivals. It's the perfect balance of being both crashingly huge and vulnerably intimate.

"Free My People "feat. Simmy & Kid Cruise" by Greentea Peng

Greentea Peng's debut album 'MAN MADE' is out now, featuring a range of meditative, hypnotic, soulful singles, including this empowering and breezy sonic balm.

"Rockabye (feat. BackRoad Gee)" by Lost Girl

Lost Girl is on a mission to bring Garage back into the charts, and with her latest collab, which features one of the UK's fastest-rising rappers, it seems she's well on her way to securing that dream.

"When You're Out (feat. Mae Muller)" by Billen Ted

A great new dance-pop banger from production duo Billen Ted and London's resident sass queen, Mae Muller. The perfect return-to-the-dancefloor breakup anthem.

"House Burn Down" by King Princess

King Princess has finally released a recorded version of live fan favourite, "House Burn Down". On it, King Princess use metaphors to detail self-destruction (“And I’m just waiting for this house to burn down“) over glam-style guitar riffs.

"Hot N Heavy" by Jessie Ware

SG Lewis lends a magic hand to Jessie Ware's sexy-as-hell new tune, "Hot N Heavy". It's another taste of her upcoming extended album, 'The Platinum Pleasure Edition'.

"Lose My Mind (feat. Bipolar Sunshine)" by Surf Mesa

On the club-ready track, Surf Mesa evokes romantic summer nights, allowing Bipolar Sunshine’s warm, yearning vocals to glide atop the infectious beat and breezy instrumentation.

"Still Blue (feat. JGrrey)" by Jay Lewn

Rising R&B songwriter Jay Lewn’s new single “Still Blue” featuring JGrrey fronts the release of his EP 'LOVERBOY', out now. He said: “Love is such a diverse and inspiring muse, it can be plutonic or painful, consuming or frivolous and anywhere in between.”

"Liz" by Remi Wolf

One of the standout new faces of the Gen Z music generation, Remi Wolf, has delivered a fan favourite with the release of new standalone solo track “Liz". She said: "I’ve been performing “Liz" on tour for forever and to finally have a studio version I’m proud of and can share with my OG babies feels like a weight has been lifted off my chest."

"I'm Sorry" by Matilda Homer

Matilda Homer's heartbreaking new tune perfectly encapsulates the feeling that sometimes, you can never say sorry enough.

"Dramamine" by Wallice

Wallice brings nostalgic dreamscapes on "Dramamine", a new track from her 'Off The Rails' EP, which is out today. One to watch for sure.

"It Won't Get Ya" by Q

Multi-instrumentalist Q has blessed us with the director's cut of his emotionally open, electric R&B record, 'The Shave Experiment', which includes a number of funky new tracks like "It Won't Get Ya".

"Feels" by Jax Jones

Jax Jones makes his eagerly awaited return to music with new single "Feels", which is packed full of energy and bouncy beats. Marking a new era for the Ivor Novello, BRIT and Grammy award-winning producer, "Feels" was born from a post lockdown euphoria after overcoming a lot of darkness.

"You Comfort Me (with EARTHGANG)" by James Vickery

Angel-voiced James Vickery links with Atlanta-based hip-hop collective, EARTHGANG on this delicious new tune.

"detest me" by glaive

Rising hyperpop singer, songwriter and producer glaive shares "detest me", the second single from his forthcoming EP 'all dogs go to heaven'. Watch this kid soar.

"Same Thing" by Genesis Owusu

The ARIA-nominated Aussie artist returns with future-funk-laden new single “Same Thing”. You can't NOT jam to this.

"clap for him (feat. Lil Yachty)" by Fousheé

Hotly-tipped artist Fousheé drops her debut project, 'Time Machine', which features Lil Yachty on this particular track. It follows from her breakout single "Deep End" that went viral late last year and hit the top 10 at Alternative Radio making her the first Black female artist to break the Top 10 since Tracey Chapman’s Crossroads 32 years ago.

"doveTailed" by thomTide

thomTide delivers a new alt-R&B jam in the form of "doveTailed". It's part of the San Diego-based producer's 'Spring' collection of songs. thomTide shares, "I thought this was such an interesting process, like the world is so huge and open-ended, but life can take you anywhere."

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