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Havana Club drinks were pouring and feet were bouncing at the intimate viewing party for Jay Prince's new music video “RUN IT DOWN” in partnership with Metropolis Studios and Amazon Music.

To celebrate the release of the new music video for his track “RUN IT DOWN” from his latest EP ‘WONDER” UK rap superstar Jay Prince jams with the crowd in an intimate viewing party in collaboration with Notion, Havana Club, Amazon Music and Metropolis Studio.


Fresh new creatives, old friends and smiling faces filled the room at Metropolis Studios eagerly anticipating Jay Prince’s arrival to talk face to face about his music and share his cinematic new six-minute music video before jamming live with the crowd. The energy in the room was already buzzing as people started the night off with Havana Club cocktails, sharing stories about the artist and musing what would be in store for the evening.

Entering the room with a down to earth smile, Jay’s laid-back enthusiasm warmed the room as he talked with our editor about his career, the inspiration for his latest music video and finding his voice as an artist.  The lights dim and the room quiet, the whole room was fixated as the chromatic hazy LA skyline played across the screen in “RUN IT DOWN”. The ambitious, highly aesthetic video featuring Jay rapping across the city brought added richness to the track’s meditative sonic power.

After a well-deserved round of applause and a couple of Havana Club infused drinks, the chairs were swept away and Jay got the crowd bouncing on their feet as he performed tracks from his EP “WONDER”. The mood was electric as fans old and new jammed along with the musician bringing good vibes that had people moving ’til the sunset.


Garnering support from the likes of Amazon Music and renowned studios like Metropolis with his sheer talent, it is unsurprising to see why Jay Prince is the name on everyone’s lips. Til our next Notion event, get into the rhythm with Jay’s music video to R&B hit, “RUN IT DOWN”.


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