Bubblegum pop-rock artist Elliot Lee has dropped their latest single, featuring cybergoth artist GIRLI.

Elliot Lee has been challenging assumptions about their music from the very beginning. Tackling dark subjects such as materialism and mental health struggles through a trademark bubblegum aesthetic, Lee’s music is all about mixing moods to provoke the listener’s thoughts, and defying stereotypes about gender and sexuality alike with tunes that refuses to fit a singular genre label. Lee has been added to prestigious Spotify playlists such as Bedroom Pop, amassing over 12 million cumulative streams of their music to date.


They grew up in a nomadic lifestyle, which took them around the country with their family. Often on the road, music became the one comforting constant of Lee’s days. As an artist, they’ve taken that early love and brought it into concert with influences such as Billie Eilish, Lil Peep, and Twenty One Pilots. Those alt-pop sensibilities have proven an ideal match for Lee’s confessional style of music, which uses their own emotions as part of a project of representation – in Lee’s own words, being a “voice for the voiceless”, shining a light beyond the stigmas of mental illness.


Now Elliot Lee has teamed up with GIRLI, whose cybergoth and grunge-influenced work melds into a perfect mix with Lee’s dark bubblegum sound, on the brand new track “Pink (Freak) Remix”, which revisits one of Lee’s earlier songs with GIRLI’s brand new contributions.

Listen below:

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