Rated Reads this week takes a look at the much-awaited return of Donald Glover's Atlanta, an interview with Rose Matafeo of Starstruck, and a day inside the heart of British bingo culture.

Donald Glover’s unique comedy series Atlanta had taken a mighty long hiatus, with its last episode airing back in 2018, but it’s finally returned with a third season filmed almost entirely in Europe. The Guardian dives into the Atlanta-free return of the show, in which the characters tangle with generational racism and weirdly problematic European cultural traditions.

Rose Matafeo Looks Beyond The Rom-Com Happy Ending

The romcom genre isn’t the cultural juggernaut it once was, but there are a few creatives keeping the torch burning. Chief among them is Rose Matafeo, whose charming BBC Three comedy Starstruck reinvents classic staples for a genre-savvy Gen Z audience with style. Elle sits down with her to discuss her character’s journey in season two and why the genre is still relevant even now.

I Spent 24 Hours in Britain’s Biggest Bingo Hall

An alternative universe lives among us – a universe separate from the frantic youthful vibes of a night out in London. This is the universe of the bingo hall. For VICE, Jake Denton takes a heady journey into the Bingoverse for 24 hours inside the MERKUR hall in Cricklewood, discovering the strange appeal of life among the numbers.

Pachinko: the stirring new drama schooling the west on Korean history

All eyes are on Apple TV+ after it netted the first ever Best Picture win for a streaming service at the Oscars, and it’s up to the task of keeping viewers around. Its new epic drama Pachinko, an adaptation of the 2017 bestselling novel, tells the story of a Korean family scarred by Japanese occupation over four generations, and Dazed asks its stars why now was the right moment to launch such a grand story.

The rise of ‘compassion fatigue’

The tragic scenes resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have caused an outpouring of sympathy and grief on social media these past few weeks – but what about when empathy reaches its limits. I-D ponders the notion of “compassion fatigue”, and whether the hardest barrier to those in need getting help is the inevitable impulse of those not involved to look away.

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