The glimmering alt-pop indie star Millie Turner is here to make you get onboard with self-love on her latest track "Ride This Train".

Coming through with a self-empowering lowkey anthem is Millie Turner here to tell you it’s all gonna be okay.


This experimental indie darling has been making waves with her unique approach to her sonic and visual world. “Ride This Train” is packed to the brim with messages of love and gratitude here to serve you through the hard times. Speaking on the track, Millie Turner revealed “It’s about the experience of being thrown into the world unarmed, and the crazy feelings that come with it” explains Turner, who began writing music only a few years ago at 16, continuing “the adrenaline that chases u like when you ride a train in through the city. I was born & raised in the city but it gets me every time.”


More than just a feast to the eyes and ears, Turner is carefully crafting her universe through the co-direction of all her visuals and using her platform and voice to promote messages from her heart. A true storyteller, Millie grabs you by the hand and leads you gently through her tales whilst her infectious hooks leave you instantaneously addicted.


More than just an artist to watch, Millie Turner is buckling up to claim what is rightfully hers – and what better way to start off than by having “Ride This Train” on loop below!

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