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As 'Mantra' at Phonox has already started to establish their legacy by paving the way into a new direction for club culture, we get their residents BossyLDN to curate the top 10Trax of what it means to be a boss.

Fortunately, the London nightlife scene has begun to flourish again after turbulent times over the last few years with licensing issues, venue closures and limited representation of the true London night culture. As the tides have thankfully turned, the legendary Phonox has decided to lead the way into this new and exciting era of club culture in the country’s capital. Taking form in the shape of ‘Mantra’ – a new residency series that will make it’s home in Phonox every Saturday – tickets can be found here whilst they last.


Pioneer’s in the truest sense, Mantra at Phonox will lift up London’s diverse music scene whilst paying homage to the global hip-hop culture. Of course, there will be a vast array of Techno and House music played by the finest Selectors throughout the Fridays and Sundays of the upcoming months. What’s truly refreshing about Mantra is that it’s more than just a night. Mantra at Phonox are supporting the culture from which it was born – their three new residents, Tommy GoldBossyLDNand Skinny Macho represent everything that is so great about London’s historic scene.


Since Phonox opened their doors four years ago, aimed at revitalising London’s club culture, they have stuck to their belief in having a resident DJ playing all night every Saturday. One thing’s for sure – that has not changed. Mantra at Phonox will see these exciting new residents spin in rotation every Saturday night. Supporting the artists, support the community and supporting the ideology that people need a space to connect on the dancefloor.


Staying true to their word, one of Mantra’s new residents on rotation is none other than BossyLDN. If you’re new to the duo, which would be hard to believe as they’ve been dominating the creative scene for a while now, then allow us to introduce you to your new heroes. BossyLDN – made up of Dhamirah Coombes and Izzy Steven – are two gals putting their money where their mouth is. Not only masters behind the decks, but the duo have been fronting and directing some of the sickest events in London and putting female representation at the forefront for some time. Whether it’s in music, fashion or art – BossyLDN has an incredible knack for finding the finest talent out there and showcasing them on their hugely respected platform. In only just a few short years, the girls have dominated their Boiler Room sets and their NTS Radio Shows. It’s clear the girls with the hearts of gold are continuing to up themselves with every single goal they accomplish and it’s inspiring to watch.


It only makes sense for the two forces to unite together as BossyLDN do what they do best and showcase their exquisite taste in music at Mantra. It wouldn’t be a true BossyLDN event though if the girls didn’t highlight some of the best upcoming talent shining out of London. On the 2nd of November, BossyLDN will host their ‘Bossy Curates’ night at Mantra, where the girls will be joined by Taylah Elaine, DJ Bempah, CVSS and Narx. Definitely not one to be missed as BossyLDN are known for always being one step ahead of the game.


Until then, we got the girls to curate a 10Trax playlist to get you in the mood for Mantra at Phonox. Check out their cutting-edge taste in hip-hop, club and grime sounds below and we will see you at Mantra!

"Change" by J Rick

"This track from J Rick’s new project hold elements of the different genres that we love outside of Hip Hop and Trap!"

"Stretch You Out" by Summer Walker

"Everything about this is screaming realness summer walker always come through with the lyrics."

"All Alone" by Che Ecru

"It’s great to see Che Ecru carrying on to release original music after Drake and Chris Brown used his track for No Guidance sample! Love the feel of this track."

"Jump Off A Jet" by Odalys

"Odalys is family she’s actually the hardest, listen to this beat are you mad?!!!"

"Handful" by Father

"LISTEN TO THIS BEAT, Father has come with the best beats since the beginning of time."

"DIOR" by Pop Smoke


"FLEXIN N’ FLASHIN" by SimxSantana

"A signature Bossy type trap sound, we can’t wait to play this in da clubbbb!"

"SITUATIONSHIP" by Snoh Aalegra

"Not everyday trap, Snoh is killing it bringing back those naughty 90s sounds but with that 2019 dating truth."

"Savage" by Famous Ocean & KungFu

"Firstly, their names are amazing. These girls are killing it and have the hardest beats and catchy tracks. We support any female duo in this industry!"

"FLY HIGH" by Shy Glizzy

"We love Glizzy!! Waikiki Flow is a real bossy banger but wanted to but fly high to switch it up go check out Aloha."

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