As 'Mantra' at Phonox opens it's doors this Saturday and paves the way into a new direction, we get one of their residents, Tommy Gold, to curate the top 10Trax he can't stop spinning in his head!

Fortunately, the London nightlife scene has begun to flourish again after turbulent times over the last few years with licensing issues, venue closures and limited representation of the true London night culture. As the tides have thankfully turned, the legendary Phonox have decided to lead the way into this new and exciting era of club culture in the country’s capital. Taking form in the shape of ‘Mantra’ – a new residency series that will make it’s home in Phonox every Saturday – tickets can be found here whilst they last.


Pioneer’s in the truest sense, Mantra at Phonox will lift up London’s diverse music scene whilst paying homage to the global hip-hop culture. Of course, there will be a vast array of Techno and House music played by the finest Selectors throughout the upcoming months. What’s truly refreshing about this upcoming night is that it’s more than just a night. Mantra at Phonox are supporting the culture from which it was born – their three new residents, Tommy Gold, BossyLDN and Skinny Macho represent everything that is so great about London’s historic scene.


Since Phonox opened their doors four years ago, aimed at revitalising London’s club culture, they have stuck to their belief in having a resident DJ playing all night every Saturday. One thing’s for sure – that has not changed. Mantra at Phonox will see these exciting new residents spin in rotation every Saturday night. Supporting the artists, support the community and supporting the ideology that people need a space to connect on the dancefloor.


With some more exciting movements in the works, we thought it would be best to get you all in the mood before the Mantra at Phonox opening night this Saturday by getting London’s own Tommy Gold to spill the beans on the tracks he can’t get out of his head. What’s better than listening to a curated playlist by the DJ you’ll be going to see this Saturday? Not much. If you’re new to Gold then allow us to introduce you. This golden boy began making waves in the electronic music scene after being introduced to it at a young age. A true craftsman, Tommy began studying how the masters were perfecting their sets and how to tune his ears to select only the finest tunes. Before he knew it, Tommy was playing on NTS Radio and performing his very own Boiler Room sets. What’s so refreshing about Tommy Gold is his ability to interpret the energy of the room and to relay that into his selections – making for a personal experience every time Tommy gets behind the decks.


Not only will Tommy Gold be playing on rotation as a resident every Saturday, but he, along with the other residents, will be curating his own night on the 28th of September aptly titled ‘Mantra Residency: Tommy Gold Curates’. Tommy has invited influential lifestyle brand Places + Faces’ + Sounds project, the incomparable Amy Becker, New Found Form comprised of Stussy’s Jordan Vickors and A COLD WALL’s Josh Barnes. So much more than a night – Mantra at Phonox is the true epitome of everything compelling about London. Where music, art and fashion combine and connect people under one roof.


Speaking about his upcoming curated night, Tommy revealed “‘I built this lineup attempting to bridge the gap between the popular Hip Hop DJ’s and some of my favourite dance music DJ’s who use Hip Hop tracks as musical weaponry. I want people to be able to turn up to their favourite tracks but also be educated by some new music.”


Until the opening party, and everyday Saturday after, dig into Tommy Gold’s 10Trax below and if you haven’t already, grab your tickets here and we will catch you at Mantra.

"The Feeling When You Walk Away" by Yves Tumor

"To date one of my favourite songs. The spacious vocals and looped riff build the atmosphere capturing the subject perfectly."

"The Stranger" by Tommy Guerrero

"This whole album is incredible but the psychedelic elements of this track is what gets me. Tommy Guerrero is also a great skateboarder as well as a musician."

"Cavern" by Liquid Liquid

"This one has a mad groove to it... the sample from Grandmaster Flash's "White Lines" which was one of the early sampling battles. The music video is also has very cool animation."

"Malembe" by KOKOKO!

"Congolese collective making hypnotic music with DIY instruments. Impossible to stay still to this one..."

"Over Drive" by Nick Wizz

"My dad put me onto this instrumental in my early teen years, definitely a catalyst to my obsession of hip hop."

"The Sound Of You" by TTY

"I been feeling this one since it was posted online, I think this was meant to be on TTY's album but the sample couldn't be cleared."

"Gary Jules" by RETRO X

"In my opinion Retro X is the best in the new wave of rap in France. His new album 24 is crazy."

"Sweet Lady" by 03 Greedo

"Hands down my favourite Greedo track. He's talking about all the girls in his neighbourhood, with the crazy sample of "Tyrese - Sweet Lady"."

"Don't Make A Move" by DJ Squeeky

"This is one of the beats from this period that sticks out to me. The laidback Teddy Pendergrass sample with those 90's Memphis drums create this classic."

"Gold Teeth" by Blood Orange ft. Project Pat, Gangsta Boo & Tinashe

"Dev Hynes 2019 take on the Memphis sound with perfect arrangement."

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