Returning with new cut "Sun Back" - marking a new era of resilience, self-reflection, and the rediscovery of joy - Cosha selects 10 tracks shaping her sound right now.

"World That's Not Real" by Gloria Ann Taylor

This was the first time I'd ever heard someone use their voice like this. How she'd bend it almost out of pitch to personify the intensity of emotion, but you could tell she has total control of it. I was in awe of it.

"The Line" by D'Angelo

Voodoo is my all time favourite album, don't even get me started! I love "The Line" for its message. He says "I'm gonna hold onto my pride, I'm gonna stick to my guns" - I feel that.

"Jerrod" by Solange

It's hard to narrow down a fav Solange song, she has so many big tunes - but this is definitely a favourite. I love how ethereal and airy it is, how the beat, her voice and the melodies all curl around each other in this weightless space. I sing this song nearly every morning in the shower.

"Kiss of Life" by Sade

Anyone who's listened to my music could probably tell Sade is my girl, I love her. I'm a romantic and she is the queen of romance for me, even when she's feeling pain, lust, longing - it's delivered in this luxuriously passionate way. There's a magic in that for me. I think romance makes everything sweeter, I dont want a life without it.

"Deadman Bone (feat. Koffee)" by Cruel Santino

We have to take note of the riddims here because thats a massive slice of the inspirational pie. My dad was drummer, drums are my favourite thing to program and my main input production wise in my own music, and I loveeeee to dance. I'm a sucker for a killer groove and this is one of my favourites that have come out in a long time. This whole project is immaculate, defiantly a huge inspiration for me.

"Lágrimas Negras" by Bebo Valdés, Diego El Cigala

I came across this duo in the courtyard of an Italian restaurant in Mexico, it was in a very cute town called Valladolid. The restaurant had a video projecting on the wall of them live in concert, I must have listened to it over and over again everyday for the rest of the trip & every Sunday since. I had the pleasure of seeing Diego El Cigala in concert last week in Malaga - his voice was just like in that video. It cut to the absolute core of me, I cried like a baby & felt the warmth of his tone radiate through me from the inside out.

"It's Not Up To You" by Björk

Another hero of mine, how could she not be? She's fantastic. The message of this resonated with me deeply while making my own record, the sentiment of letting go, settling into the reality that not much is in your control, and feeling the freedom & exhilaration that comes with finding peace in that notion.

"Atrapado en un Sueño" by Junior H

I don't know what it is about this song, but it had me absolutely hooked from the first moment I heard it. I think I like how raw it is. It's a brilliant idea in its purest form, no frills, just pure purity. Sometimes we need that.

"Send Me" by Tirzah

Once again, another hero of mine. The voice, the lyrics, the honesty, the production, the visuals, all of it. I love all of it. I had the pleasure of supporting Tirzah in my home town, Dublin last year and the live show was unsurprisingly as brilliant as the record. Herself and her band have really made something special. It's a completely intoxicating moment that pulls you in, picks you up and takes you to another place.

"Gone Girl" by Obongjayar & Sarz

Gotta give it up for the riddim once again. I loveee this groove, I love the melodies, I love this song, it makes me dance every time, s/o OB.

Listen to Cosha's "Sun Back" now:

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