As Elderbrook gears up for the release of his debut album in the summer, we get the musical boy wonder to curate a playlist for you to dance, sing and cry in your kitchen to!

Elderbrook’s latest single may be entitled ‘Numb’ but that’s certainly not how we feel when we listen to his raw, vulnerable and emotive artistry.


Starting the year off strong, (despite the absolute chaos the world is engulfed in ATM), with ‘Numb’, there’s no better time to sit back and reflect with Elderbrook as the debut album is just around the corner, giving us all something to look forward to.


With a fiery passion for storytelling that comes as natural to Elderbrook as making music, we can expect the album to be a continuation of Elderbrook’s idiosyncratic and tender approach to life’s hardships that we are all enduring due to the pandemic. Loneliness, detachment and solitude are the pathways Elderbrook dissects within his work with the end result being a light in those dark places waiting to help you.


The multi-hyphenate creative has been gearing up for the release of his debut album for some time now – with collaborations with our faves Rudimental and over 4.5 million Spotify listeners to date, it’s all with good reason. Elderbrook has been working at perfecting his craft and he is fully ready to step into his own spotlight.


As we (im)patiently wait for the debut album, dive into the 10Trax playlist curated by Elderbrook below that will help you laugh, dance and cry all from the comfort of your home for the foreseeable future.

"Don't Leave Me Lonely" by Mark Ronson Feat. Yebba

"There is something so haunting about Yebba vocal on this record. She is a special special artist and this song really speaks to me. I am a big fan of true vocalists..."

"Solid Ground" by Michael Kiwanuka

"I love everything he has been putting out. I am especially a fan of this COLORS performance. He has a real old sound to his voice and has real meaning and depth to his songs"

"Trouble On Central" by Buddy

:This to me is a great feel good song that I feel more people need to know his voice to me is amazing and this is my good time driving song..."

"Underwater" by Rufus Du Sol

"I have toured with them a few times in the states and I just love the up-lifitng feel of their music and how the songs build and take you on a journey."

"Everything I wanted" by Billie Eilish

"I think she is a truly special vocalist and songwriter and I find real meaning in this song..."

"Happy Man" by Jungle

"I toured across Europe with them and I am big fan of their visuals and sonics on their records."

"Born To Die" by Lana Del Rey

"I picked this as firstly I love her voice and secondly I think this is one of the most cinematic interesting videos in recent times..."

"Cirrus" by Bonobo

"This is a amazing feel good song that builds and builds amazing to run to or feel free to..."

"Baby" by Four Tet

"I love his new album and really admire him as a musician so very into this currently."

"Cashmere Tears" by Kojey Radical

"I love how bold he is with his videos and artwork he is a true artist to me..."


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