Madrid-based quartet Hinds are the brightest young things to burst through the Spanish creative scene and into international waters with the announcement of their album 'The Prettiest Curse'. We got the girls to curate a 10Trax for your pleasure...

Hinds recently announced their third album, ‘The Prettiest Curse’, which was scheduled for release on April 3rd on Lucky Number. However, the band have announced that they will be rescheduling their album release date for June 5th.


The band create heavenly bedroom indie rock that isn’t afraid to have a bite to it. With their prolific lyricism, addictive melodies that wash over you and all-around badass attitudes, there’s no other reason why Hinds wouldn’t be our favourite girl band right now.


What’s so refreshing about the four-piece is how homegrown the girls are, and how much they wear this as a badge of honour, bringing further attention to the insanely talented Spanish scene.


Due to the delay of their upcoming album and tour, the girls said, “Amigas y amigos: we have to postpone our album release, it will be now on June 5th. we all need music now more than ever, and we were so excited to release our album next month and share it with you! but right now, things are a bit scary in Spain and the coronavirus is something that is affecting a lot of our loved ones, so for right now, we think all of our focus should be on staying safe and staying home, not promoting a new album. BUT ITS OK!! we are still here!!  working every day! nobody said it was easy… But we’ve always wanted to release an album in the summer anyway, everyone that has preordered it already: THANKYOU, we need your support more than ever. You will, of course, get it on the new date.  and if you haven’t…… then DO IT. Muchos Besos for everyone in these difficult times; let’s stand together (from our houses).”


We got Ana from Hinds to curate a playlist of bangers that will tide you over until the summertime, dig in below and dance in your bedrooms.

"Living with You" by Los Jaguares de la Bahia

"Side band of Paco Loco, the owner of the studio where we did both first and second album!"

"Swamp" by Futuro Pelo

"French band that mixes languages, I love when artists do that. Like devendra singing German, except this is a foreign speaking Spanish which is very cute haha."

"Tie Me Up" by Belako

"Fellow band from Spain, they are very good live and releasing a new album this year too. We have to support each other in this difficult times!"

"Naked Kids" by The Growlers

"Oldie but goodie. I've loved this song for so many years and doesn’t get old to me."

"Kiss" by Prince

"My singing teacher taught me this one! She showed it to me to rehearse my head voice for our song good bad times and now I like it more than ours haha."

"You Can Call Me Al" by Paul Simon

"No need to comment. Let's dance in our bedrooms!"

"Aux Champs-Elysées" by Daniel Colin

"This songs reminds me to my mum. She is French and used to sing this in the car driving me to school!"

"Revolution 1 (Remastered 2009)" by The Beatles

"I love covers and different versions of big songs, to me this one is better than the og!"

"Blue Coupe" by Twin Peaks

"Our brothers from another mother!! All this singles LP are so so good. I love seeing this side of them in recordings, but they somehow keep giving wild and energetic shows!! Love these guys."

"Come Back and Love Me" by Hinds

"Jejejjejej my label was gonna kill me if it didn’t include it!!!"


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