What better way to start your day off than this feel-good and enigmatic remix of Dizzy's stellar track 'Sunflower' by the wonderful MUNA? That's right, there isn't a better way!

‘Sunflower’ was the first release from the Canadian four-piece since their ‘Heavy / Twist’ EP, and boy, could their return come at a better time? I don’t think so.


If you’re not in the know, then Dizzy is about to become your fave new band to dance in your living room/kitchen/bedroom to! The sleek alt-pop band are effortlessly cool and enticing with their amalgamation of rock/pop soundscapes and addictive melodies.


MUNA have remixed their latest track, ‘Dizzy’, and have definitely put their 80s synth-pop spin on the track. Name a more perfect duo than Dizzy and MUNA? I’ll wait.


Speaking about the new remix, MUNA’s Naomi McPherson says, “I loved doing this remix for the lovely Dizzy. Being given the opportunity to put a spin on a song I already think is great is always very challenging. I’m always just happy if the band likes it and if it makes me feel like dancing. Mission accomplished, hopefully?” You heard it here first – now dance safely at home.


Enough from me, dive into the premiere of ‘Sunflower’ below.