With lockdown finally behind us, Havana Club and Notion wanted to touch base with shopkeepers to hear how they've adapted to the change.

Local corner shop ‘Mosely Wine & Spirits’ has been adorned with the slick Havana Club branding that lets everyone know the rum kings are bringing their range ‘From Cuba to Moseley’.


It’s all part of Havana Club’s mission to celebrate our local stores – integral pillars of our communities, especially over the past year and a half when we’ve relied on them more than ever.


The UK’s off-licenses, and the businesspeople who own them – need to be appreciated for everything they’ve done – and that’s exactly why Notion teamed up with Havana Club to go behind the counter and meet those people.

Notion and Havana Club met the very dapper owner of Moseley Wine & Spirits Off License. Dressed in a white an navy floral shirt, the stylish business owner finished off his look with a neckerchief and flat cap.


Working in retail for many years, and at one point, juggling two jobs at one time, the owner is pleased to finally have his own store, which he’s now had for four years. He laughs recalling the panicked toilet roll stockpiling of the first lockdown and tells of how he’s become better acquainted with his customers after the pandemic.


Hear his story below.

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