Liverpool-hailing Tom Ashbrook stuns fans with his rousing new piano piece, “The Blue Hour”

Tom Ashbrook is a neo-classical artist and composer creating transcendent soundscapes with his well-honed and honest songwriting abilities. His newest work, “The Blue Hour” is a vulnerable and affecting piano piece which is to feature in his upcoming album, “Nocturnes”. Accompanied by a stunning live performance, the track slips between sorrow and moments of pure peace with ease. 


Speaking on his creation, Tom explains, The Blue Hour’ is the moment just before sunrise and just after sunset, when the sun dips below the horizon.” He creates this image with the simplicity of the melody, form and harmony, which sets a backdrop for complete calm. 


Looking back to where it all started, Tom’s musical journey began with classical piano training from the age of five. Something that became a fascination for him was film soundtracks, complete with their many layers and meanings. He brought the techniques he learnt into his own songwriting, developing in the process a passion for synthesis and music production. 


Tom’s come a long way since first peering over the top of a piano, though. His sound has since struck a chord with fans across the world and brought him critical acclaim. With over 30 million streams across Spotify and Apple Music, he’s found his way into a plethora of playlists and myriad magazines. And it’s only up from here. 

Watch the video below:

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