• Words
  • Photography Cara Brown
  • Director and Editor Jim Pilling
  • Producer Francesca Di Muro
  • DOP Rik Burnell
  • Lead Stylist Carlotta Constant
  • Styling Phoebe Butterworth & Lily McMurry
  • Makeup Chloe Rose & Cherise Renee
  • Hair Lu’s Curls

Go behind the scenes of the music video for Samm Henshaw's new single "Grow", starring Tiana Major9.

Singer-songwriter Samm Henshaw has dropped the second installment in his ‘Untidy Soul’ series. “Grow” is a new single and short film taken from his forthcoming debut project.


“”Grow’ is just a song about understanding that the hard parts of a relationship (any relationship) are necessary for growth and strength and that we shouldn’t give up at the first sign of trouble”, explained Henshaw.


Directed by Jim Pilling, the visual for “Grow” stars Tiana Major9 perform as Selah, Samm’s character’s love interest. As hinted by the song’s title, the captivating video follows the story of a new budding romance and how it evolves over time. However, the course of love never did run smooth and we hear Samm sing about the ups and downs of relationships with the overarching message that “together we’ll grow”.

In the music video for “Grow”, we first see Samm and Tiana, aka ‘Sonny’ and ‘Selah’, in a plant shop, looking to purchase a plant for their new home. A mysterious shopkeeper appears and suggests a bonsai, uttering the foreboding words: “This is your heart. Listen to it. Take care of it”, before disappearing, as if a mirage.


In their new apartment, we get a glimpse into Sonny and Selah’s relationship – from laughing and cleaning to painting as the mesmerising soul song unfolds.


Things start to take a turn, however, when Sonny is late to his anniversary dinner. The bonsai wanes in size and rather than trying to help it heal and re-grow, Sonny simply purchases another plant, which Selah takes as him giving up on their relationship.


It’s yet another must-watch music video from Samm Henshaw, and Tiana Major9 is a perfect fit. Watch it below!

Watch the music video for "Grow" below:

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